General Information

  • Students are not allowed to enter into any arrangement for training outside the School.
  • Proficiency in the mother tongue and a working knowledge of Hindi & English.
  • Students must conduct themselves properly in accordance with the rules that govern manners and appearance. Any student found guilty of unbecoming conduct may be suspended or expelled from the School.
  • Consuming alcohol in the School premises and hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to invite visitors or friends to classes, lectures or rehearsals, except with prior permission from the Camp Director.
  • It is obligatory for the students to enact any role that they are handed. They must participate in rehearsals and perform the role in the manner required by the teachers or the director of the play.
  • Students have to abide by the hostel, mess and library rules.
  • Students violating rules are liable to serves disciplinary action.


The centre will supply students, free of charge a mount board, drawing paper, poster colour, make-up material,props making material & wood for class room purposes only. Any other material will have to be purchased by the students.

Students will be evaluated after completion of the first phase. In this evaluation, their work, projects and participation in the classroom activity will be considered along with assessment provided by the faculty. If their evaluation is not up to the mark students will be discontinued from the course.